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diego_cell/8c595349-5de1-4c29-8c7f-769c2c8aed65 (63): Action Failed get_task: Task b697cd2d-64c7-41d3-498a-e78584ba38b4 result: Stopping Monitored Services: Stopping services '[consul_agent]' errored () Failed updating instance diego_cell The max-in-flight value in Ops Manager needs to be reduced in order to prevent too many Diego cells from being updated simultaneously.The Exact API to call to change max-in-flight can be found in Ops Manager API here: https://[FQDN Ops Manager]/docs#configuring-the-max_in_flight-settings-for-a-product-39-s-jobs Follow the steps: Authenticate & Get Token: https://[FQDN Ops Manager]/docs#authentication1.Retrieve your Ops Manager access token: uaac context 4.Get Products curl "https://localhost/api/v0/deployed/products" -X GET -H "Authorization: Bearer Result 5. The feature allows for the definition of site columns and content types in a central “hub” to be syndicated to any subscribing site collection.This allows the same site columns and content types to be used across an entire tenant.I’m not yet satisfied with the testing of the update method so consider it to be beta. I am using sharepoint feature upgrade to upgrade my content types and lists.

updating the content type failed-72

🙂 The procedure is: [-verbose] [-removefields] [-updatefields] For instance: stsadm -o cb Propagate Content Type -url -contenttype “My Article Page” –verbose The “removefields” switch specifies whether or not fields found in the list content type that are not in the site content type should be removed or not. New fields in the site content type will always be added to the list content types. I recommend that you use the verbose flag and pipe the output to a file, so that you can review that it did everything correctly.

For this particular tenant I am NOT the original O365 account so I did not have the required permission.

Once I was put into the site collection administrators group for the site by that account, I could successfully browse to it. In an on-premises Share Point environment, you can control the timer jobs that run to syndicate the changes to subscribing site collections.

If you want to refresh all published content types on the next update (up to 48 hours) go to Site Collection Administration…Content Type Publishing on each subscribing site collection.

If you are working with XML based content types, you’ll sooner or later fall into a trap well hidden by Microsoft.

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