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: Ladies and gentlemen, I would now like to introduce a legend in our industry. There is likely a very good reason for that..stinks. It is a retelling of a film that we all love and adds nothing to the story.

She's the most successful president in the history of our network and for the past five years has kept us at the very top of the ratings. Like nearly ALL the endless remakes and reboots that have been plaguing movie goers for the past decade or so...this is, is a heartless version of the original. It improves nothing but the special effects--which held up very well over time--and in some cases belittles the fans of the original...particularly in the fact that they remade the movie at all, without adding anything clever to it.

Therefore, I have been doubting our love because we have made it past the lovey dovey stage (which I haven't before) into what some people refer to as real love.

As I don't deal with change very well I have confused that with maybe not loving my partner anymore instead of realizing it's a good thing we have reached this stage.

Všechny ženy se skvěle starají o své protějšky, o domácnost, a dokonale plní své manželské povinnosti.

I too have had a dream that my partner had an affair.

I woke up angry with him and maintained a grouchy attitude the remainder of the day.

I couldn't shake that nagging feeling of being betrayed.

As a result, I went to the bookstore to learn about the meaning of dreams. The best way to understand your dreams is to keep a journal.

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