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On her sister's advice, she has sex with her boyfriend, and the two girls get expelled from the institution. Unusually taking a male buddy relationship, clearly patterned after John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men (sans tragic denouement), as its focal point, TALK inspired a ton of sequels as well as spin-offs.Producer Jerry Ross owned the rights to the title and therefore instigated the official series, the subsequent installment of which was crafted by the original's editor Tim Mc Donald.Cindy is a prostitute who hates her life, but is doing it to help put her boyfriend through medical school, although he has no idea how she's earning the money. See full summary » A cab driver who is having marital problems with his beautiful but frigid wife finds a suitcase full of money left in his cab by a passenger, and realizes that he now has the means to fulfill all of his and his wife's sexual fantasies.Producer Harold Lime (THE ECSTASY GIRLS) and director "Ramsey Karson" a/k/a Richard Kanter (who made the sexploitation favorite THE RIBALD TALES OF ROBIN HOOD) followed up their brilliant DESIRES WITHIN YOUNG GIRLS with this disappointingly ordinary offering that'll be of interest mainly to longtime genre fans because of its Golden Age superstar cast.One is an incorrigible ladies' man, the other is the shy, square type, more like a side-kick to his friend. See full summary » A female friend of a sexually frustrated mother tries broadening her horizons with a sex orgy.Though avoiding it, the new feelings inside her cause her to force herself on her sleeping son. Shy girl shares a room with her sister in a strict boarding school. Misty, the hooker, meets the sexologist who thinks he can transform her from "the nadir of passion" into someone who inspires passion. See full summary » Universally acclaimed as the late great fornication filmmaker Sam Weston's crowning achievement, TALK DIRTY TO ME ranks in my personal top 5 for the director, forever vying for top spot – according to my mood at any given time – with the likes of SEX WORLD, NOTHING TO HIDE, EASY and THE DANCERS.This so-so scene ends with Cris kicking the pendant out of the window where it's picked up by a nun !To be continued Lime, whose credits stretch back to '60s sexploitation (as "Ted Paramore"), provides his customary gloss and star line-up but inspiration proved sorely lacking, making this something of a low point in an otherwise distinguished career.

Following a brief solo stint by then current Penthouse Pet of the Month Mariwen Roberts, the trinket's first owner is spoiled party girl Dee Dee (the vastly underrated Lesllie Bovee who would partner as well as match huge John Holmes in that same year's ERUPTION) who doesn't quite remember how the jewel came into her possession except that it somehow wound up in her purse after a booze-soaked night on the town.

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Private detective Johnny Wadd is hired by Jean Osborne to investigate the murder of her brother Tom.

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