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They would see each other in the hallways or break room and say “quack quack” like a duck.

I assumed this was an inside joke and thought nothing of it and wrote it off as playful silliness or thought I perhaps missed a moment in a recent movie or TV show to which the quacks were referring. I needed to do some printing and our printer is in a room that can be locked by anyone when it is in use (our team often has large volumes of printing they need to do and it helps to be able to sort things in there by yourself, as multiple people can get their pages mixed up and it turns into a mess).

You also probably need to take a look at who’s on your team, whether they belong there, and what kind of culture is in place that has allowed them to think this is (a) reasonable and (b) something that you wouldn’t notice.

It is absolutely true that when you have a team of 10 people who are all in their first professional job, weird pack behavior can develop.

But before doing that — and in fact, possibly before talking to the two employees who you caught in the act — you need to talk to your own manager about all of this.

This is messed up enough that any good manager would want to know about it and have input into how it’s being handled (or at least be in the loop about how it’s being handled).

I think that is also where the quacking comes into play.

You’ll never be able to think of everything you need a rule for, and you definitely don’t want to work somewhere that attempts that.

It’s enough to say that you expect people to behave professionally and exercise common sense.

I haven’t addressed the situation yet because of a few factors: This was during both of their lunch hours.

They were not doing this on the clock (they had both clocked out, I immediately checked).

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