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you paid for a workshop pass before 1st September 2017 (150€) , and you transfer your registration on 3rd of December 2017, when the price is 170 €, then the cost of transfer is 20 €).Finding a substitute can only be done in an acceptable way in no abusing manner, otherwise we refuse to accept the registration transfer.Includes all the final divisions as well as social dancing and exhibitions. Please add intl shipping for orders to all countries except Canada HERE The special ‘Champions Disc’ (Strictly and J&J Champions division) is available for plus shipping. Jack & Jill: 15 Euro/ person Strictly: 30 Euro/ couple Please register at the Registration page.We are sorry to announce that we will not be recording the 2016 event.Contact the Chicago Classic to find out where you can purchase DVDs or on-line footage. Your event directors Jim and Nancy produced a well-oiled program that was classy, on-time and entertaining.For you to participate fully, we are setting a limit of 30 follows / 30 leads, and will be monitoring the registration process, so no waiting for your turn in the rotation.

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Your Event Directors understand you take an intensive to improve your dancing, and to get the attention necessary.

Purchase the 2015 Workshop Notebook review DVD for HERE Included are Gary Mc Intyre & Susan Kirklin, Doug & Nicki Silton -Robert & Nicola Royston, Matt & Crystal Auclair, Sebastien Cadet & Blandine Iche, Gregory Scott &Lemery Rollins, Jason Miklic & Sophy Kdep and Kris Swearingen & Rebecca Ludwick 2015 Combo Set – Competitions and Workshops 0 The competition set and combo set will be sent within three weeks.

Please add intl shipping for orders to all countries except Canada HERE.

If cancelling between 1st September – 15th December 2017: 50% of the whole payment will be sent back to you.

If cancelling after 15th December 2017: we can’t send back anything, but you can still transfer your registration to someone else.

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