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They were fattened by being kept in a black box and fed continuously.Ortalan are traditionally baked whole and eaten whole, bones, insides and all, stuffed into the mouth with just the head hanging out which was bitten off.Despite being married to Margery who was attractive enough when young to inspire Skelton to dedicate a poem to her, John Seymour was always chasing women, and was responsible for an illegitimate son born as late as 1535.Edward Seymour had been in France in attendance on Mary Tudor in 1514 and on campaign in the war of 1522 - when he was just the right age to be interested in a saucy camera obscura show set up to entertain the troops. Elizabeth, was married at the age of 13 to Sir Anthony Oughtred, Governor of Jersey, and Dorothy married Sir Clement Smythe (or Smith). Jane, the eldest daughter, was left on the shelf still living with her mum and dad.

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It made Anne feel sick and angry but there was nothing she could do about it.It seems though, it was Jane's apparent freshness and lack of sophistication that appealed to Henry VIII.He had his pick of the sophisticated, well educated, and fashionable, young ladies already.Edward Seymour's new wife Anne Stanhope, a pushy type of woman, seized the advantage.If Anne, now in her mid-thirties, continued to fail to provide Henry VIII with his male heir, she could be replaced.

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