Film what to expect when you're expecting online dating

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After many labor-inducing activities, she goes to the hospital only to find out she has to have a cesarean section, which is against her birth plan.

She loses a lot of blood, but is okay and delivers a son named Theo.

Ramsey Cooper (Dennis Quaid), a famous race car driver and Gary's father, is married to a younger woman named Skyler (Brooklyn Decker).

During a lunch where Wendy and Gary announce her pregnancy, Ramsey and Skyler also announce they are expecting.

They are crowned the winners of the show, but Jules vomits in their trophy, discovering that she is pregnant.

Jules struggles when trying to balance her pregnancy with her normal active life.

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However, he then discovered that it was in fact a pregnancy guide.Devastated, Rosie tells Marco to leave, which he does, but he makes several attempts to get back with her.Eventually, they get back together and decide to take things slowly and their story ends with them joining forces to create a food truck together.Having planned a magical and happy pregnancy, Wendy feels awful throughout it and, during a convention she was chosen to speak at about the miracle of childbirth, she begins to break down and bursts out into a speech about how much the process sucks.Her outburst is filmed and becomes a viral hit on You Tube, after which her boutique is flooded with customers.

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