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Yet, access to public information is less and less used by journalists, who do not have resources to invest in investigative reporting while faced with severe economic conditions in the media sector in the country.Cases of officials obstructing access to information have been reported.According to europaworld.com, in 2004 there were: The 2003 Constitution of Romania upholds freedom of expression and prohibits censorship.

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The public television company Televiziunea Română and the public radio Societatea Română de Radiodifuziune cover all the country and have also international programs. The private media is grouped in media companies such as Intact Media Group, Media Pro, Realitatea-Caţavencu, Ringier, SBS Broadcasting Group, Centrul Naţional Media and other smaller independent companies.

A 2009 study by CIJ, Active Watch and IMAS (The Institute for Marketing and Polls) reports that most journalists say that professional norms are not respected, mostly due to political and business pressures.

The Romanian Press Club has an Ethics Code and a Council of Honour to inquire journalists and media outlets found in breach of professional norms - although its decisions have often been criticised as arbitrary.

FM stations cover most cities and most of them belong to national radio networks.

Overall readership of most newspapers is slowly declining due to increasing competition from television and the Internet.

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