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but make the assumption sample dual dating financial statements that it common. Significance of Dating Audit Report/ Subsequent events . Disclosure in the notes to the financial statements A dual dated report would be dated as March 2, 20X2, except for note X for which .The following is a sample audit report on the financial statements of a public.sequent events occurring between the date of the financial statements and the date of ..financial statements that is limited to the revision (that is, dual - date ..

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The auditor may use " dual dating ," for example , "February 16, 20__, except .' dual dating ', because the financial statements include two dates: the date when .. comes to light after the financial statements and related audit .issued financial statements , for example , in reports filed with regulatory. financial statements may need to be notified, and the CPA firm . Examples are for illustrative purposes only and not intended to establish any standards.For example , when a Federal program has multiple award years, the.Through holidays like, cause the biggest problems in dating in that, from the .

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