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On September 5, Mercury snaps out of a retrograde that began August 12 and scrambled signals clear up.Also, from the 5th to the 22nd, the sun and make-it-happen Mars will conspire in Virgo, traveling together through the Zodiac's humble, service-oriented sign. But with creatrix Venus still in flamboyant Leo until the 19th, we could churn out something both practical Although we'll be busy bees this September, Cupid has not abandoned the scene. Sure, we might all be a little delusional around this day, but that's kind of what makes it all so scintillating.Tact is needed to cement this otherwise attractive partnership and, especially if there are compatible aspects between your Moon signs, this can be a long and rewarding association. Top Dreamy Pisces and romantic Taurus can be one of the most stable combinations of the Zodiac.Both signs love indulging in the pleasures of the senses. It often seems that the faith of Pisces helps the practical dreams of Taurus come true, while the Bull's artistic bent enhances your creative imagination.Both are highly passionate and sensual, although Pisces tends to be more emotionally volatile and there is some tendency to fall into a rut. Top Pisces, the Fishes, and Gemini, the Twins, are both mutable signs with dual symbols.But the bond of a common quality can be enough to keep them interested for life.

After August's mind-boggling (and at times, mind-blowing) eclipse season, we could all use a little more calm.Representing the beginning and the end of the zodiac cycle, Aries is symbolized by the brand new baby and Pisces by the very old soul.Pisces is usually more than happy to serve the ego needs of the more self-oriented Ram, while the Ram can give the Fish a much needed charge of vital energy.On September 5, a dreamy full moon in Pisces ups the fantasy factor. But after that trip down the rabbit hole, we need some reality checks to make sure it's actually all Wonderland and not just a magic moment.On the 22nd, the sun beams into partnership-oriented Libra for a month.

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