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Behind gatehouses staffed 24/7 are four upscale condo towers and 22 houses, some boasting swimming pools and walk-out access to a sand beach.It’s the kind of setting that appeals to business moguls and executives approaching (or long past) retirement age.In 1970, he founded Mandrake, a headhunting and consulting company employed by Molson, Hasbro Canada and other major corporations.He also co-founded Crestwood, a tony Toronto private school, served as chair of the Toronto Harbour Commission and launched an annual hockey event that raises money for children’s charities.Now came an attempt to incite violence against him and his family. In five separate lawsuits and thousands of pages of court documents, there are allegations of character assassination, DNA theft, extortion and even accusations of murder.Peerenboom contacted police as soon as the first hate mail appeared in 2012, but he also opened his own investigation, contributing to a widening gyre of litigation that has pulled in friends, neighbours, private investigators, high-powered attorneys and police forces in the U. And the whole debacle began, according to Peerenboom, with a dispute about tennis courts.Word spread around Sloan’s Curve of an effort to oust the tennis director.Around 100 people showed up at a meeting to support Donnelly.

Although Donnelly enjoyed her job, she decided to branch out and get a real estate licence, thereby allegedly offending Monique Matheson, a go-to agent for many residents.

Perlmutter was there and Peerenboom claims he stood up at one point and began chanting, “We will not be intimidated.” (Roy Black, Perlmutter’s attorney, says this never happened.) Peerenboom later prepared an unsigned memo titled “Facts all prudent owners should know,” a bulleted list of issues with Donnelly and the tennis contract.

The message accused the board of “bid rigging” to award the contract to Donnelly, a federal offence.

He brought the memo to an SCHA meeting for discussion and handed it to Richard Bornstein, a board member.

Bornstein later gave a copy to Perlmutter, who passed it along to another board member at the swimming pool. Peerenboom said his grievances had nothing to do with the tennis pro personally.

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