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Sam Altman on the increasingly repressive climate in the Bay Area; makes some of the same points as my article about Kolmogorov complicity, but better, and with more personal experience. Related: GSS survey data shows high IQ predicts “free speech absolutism”.Related: Heterodox Academy offers Open Mind, “a free, online platform designed to depolarize communities and foster mutual understanding across differences”.

For months he washed the Anglo miners’ clothes and never charged a penny for his services.

I’d love to hear your concrete predictions about how the world will be worse as a result of the repeal of net neutrality.

I’m willing to spend at least a thousand dollars betting on this topic.” Bay Area politicians die as they live: causing delays for local commuters.

Specific Factors In Psychotherapy – Opening The Black Box.

Key quote: “Neither variability in competence nor adherence [to the principles of the therapy involved] was related to patient outcome…extent of training might also not be relevant to outcome.” Magic cards with @dril quotes as text.

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