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I spoke to Georgie a few years later when she was working in the pay desk at the Pavilion Ballroom.At that time I was playing in the saxophone section of Andy Curries (soon to be disbanded) band.The management seemed to turn a blind eye to the fact that we all managed to smuggle a dozen or so cards up oor jooks to sell on our own behalf.As usually happens, some people went over the score, and that put an end to the free trips to the races.The general run of Anglian place-names will not do - it has to be items which speakers of Cumbric or Gaelic, especially the latter, may have found hard to pronounce and therefore altered slightly, to fit their habits of speech.

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I had previously looked through the volumes of early Scottish public records for Ayrshire items starting with Sk-, without coming across it.

This surprised me, because it didnt take a lot of research to find out that Wilsons press looked exactly like every other press in use anywhere in the civilised world at that time.

Based on an improved version of Gutenbergs original, this was a design that was to prevail for over three hundred years, until these small wooden presses were replaced in the late eighteenth century by larger, stronger, cast-iron models.

I couldn't find it in the Scottish National Archives or SCAN websites. The specific subject in this case is the transmission of possible Anglian (Northumbrian) place-names in Scotland in areas where the Old English language may have died out uder pressure from the Cumbric language of early medieval southern Scotland (related to Welsh) or to medieval Gaelic.

Useful material in this search is incredibly rare, hence the chasing up of such shadows!

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