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If you are serious about becoming a fully qualified Controller, your Mentor is likely to initially give you a suitable date for you to start the mentoring process, probably at an event that they are working at.Your Mentor will guide you through your first event day and provide support throughout the process.A Trainee Controller's experience through the Mentoring process will depend on the Mentor, the Trainee's experience and the distance required to travel to meet.However in all cases the Mentor will provide support to the Trainee throughout to help them develop into highly experienced, confident Controllers.At each event, Trainees should make sure the Lead Controller on the day fills in their Log Book, so they may keep a record of what experience they have had in the control box.

Mentors are experienced Controllers who have been assigned to 'mentor' any new or inexperienced Controllers.

Martyn, 35, and Kelly West, of Welwyn Garden City, pug Daisy has won The Next Top Pug Model competition.

She was crowned the winner by celebrity judges including Judge Rinder, Danny Walters, Dr Christian from Embarrassing Bodies, and others, at Pugfest, in Manchester, on Sunday, July 16. We don’t envy the judges for having to make the final decision, it couldn’t have been easy.” Kelly and Martyn rehomed Daisy when she was 10 months old after tragically losing their first pug, Poppy.

He has a Masters of Economics in addition to his scientific training, and is on the executive of the prestigious Federation of Australasian Scientific and Technological Societies (FASTS) and speaks regularly at corporate and scientific events and to media.

Table of Contents Part I: The Case for a Carbon Pre-Emptive Strike1 The Blind Threat2 Climate Battlers3 Australia's Carbon Obesity4 The Future Shock Part II: How Do We End Carbon?

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