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Susan began her blog in 2007 after realizing that fashion for women of a certain age was a sadly neglected topic.Nowadays, she’s overjoyed that she has plenty of company, while she continues to share her take on living a balanced and stylish life.Sometimes less is more, and there’s no better way to stand out than with classic simplicity.If this sounds like a page from your style bible, then you’re going to want to check out Alyson Walsh’s blog and her style advice for FABsters (fifty and beyond).And while they and their colleagues worked to successfully change that, there’s still not a whole lot of fashion blogs for men of any age.While men’s fashion blogs might still lack quantity, the quality of David Evans’ Grey Fox is a pretty wonderful example of fashion for men.

Baby Boomers know that sometimes the height of fashion can be the right pair of jeans paired with the right t-shirt, a low-key blazer and simple shoes.

She also runs a vintage shop and sells hats designed for women who are facing hair loss from chemotherapy or illness, as well as women who would just like to complete the perfect outfit with the perfect hat.

If you prefer your style with a French inflection, then this is the blog for you.

"In my area, the San Francisco Bay Area, there are several Meetup groups that focus on singles in their 50s and up.” Expect ever more Boomers to hunt for love online, both at dedicated sites and at the indirect sites too.

It can sometimes feel like there’s not a lot of style and fashion advice geared towards a more mature audience, especially given that the age of models is becoming progressively lower every year.

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