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Heath likes to think of himself as handsome and hot more than in the literal sense.

He is not necessarily wrong as his appearance does garner attention.

In his civilian form, he typically wears a short-sleeved, grey tee-shirt, a black-with-white-and-pink-stripes striped letter jacket with literal flamed-looking patterns on the lower parts of the sleeves over the tee-shirt, a pair of deep, deep blue jeans for pants, and black sneakers in fire flames and white bottoms of the shoes.

Heath was dressed with his same outfit with an apron added to his attire in the Heath Burns two pack with Abbey Bominable in Classroom, and in the webisodes, he will often dress for an occasion or event when it is necessary for it.

In the webisodes of cartoon and the 3D computer-generated CGI specials, along with the Monster High specials "New Ghoul @ School" and Fright On!

, Heath is shown as a yellow-skinned fire elemental boy with fire-colored-appearing skin, a slim but athletic and built figure, slightly epicanthic-fold-looking eyes in the color orange-like red, in the sort of shape as those eyes of people in the eastern continent, that appear sort of "pulled-back" in appearance; as well as a muscular chest when shown shirtless at Gloom Beach, with a heavily-shown six-packed abs-set (although that is the appearance of all boys in the MH franchises and EAH franchises; though Ever After High in cartoon has not yet shown any male in swim trunks at a beach yet).

He has however shown some redeemable qualities such as being helpful, as he was willing to assist in protecting the Fearleading Squad from Nefera's cheating ways during Monster Mashionals.

Heath is the cousin of Jackson Jekyll and his alter ego Holt Hyde. Ghoul Spirit states that Heath's father is the brother of Jackson's and Holt's mother.

Heath Burns is a 2010-introduced and all-around character.

Being a young fire elemental, Heath still is in the process of learning to control his powers and he suffers no less for it than his environment.

However, Jackson Jekyll's 'Between Classes' diary states that it's Jackson's and Holt's father who is a fire elemental and it implies it's through him that the two boys are related to Heath.

In the Monster High books Heath is not related to the Jekylls/Hydes at all.

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